Detroit is the most popular city in Michigan, home to many gay pride events and adult entertainment venues. Gay pride events can be found in a number of different locations. Detroit has also become the home of many popular adult clubs and gay night spots. At one time, Detroit was the only major city with an adult entertainment venue; now there are multiple places with this type of atmosphere.

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The Black Door (nee dark grey doors at the end of the road), is a fine place to pick up a date if you’re in Detroit. This is located on the east side of Detroit right off of Michigan street. It is a very sensual bar that offers live entertainment for adult singles and those looking for dates. The Black Door features a full service adult shop that sells everything from lingerie to fetish gear. You can catch a performance by a stripper or get to know someone special through the “dates with specials” that this adult shop offers.

Another adult look with a local feel is Sinawilan. This is a small bar and restaurant located in the heart of Detroit near Michigan street. If you’re looking for a good time with some great food, check out the Sinawaran’s early hours, free music and happy hour specials. Some of the featured drinks include a rummage sale on drafts and highballs as well as free peanuts every day.

The milf porn parlor on Southfield is another fine place to catch a quality date or just to hang out with friends. This is the new wing of Detroit’s gay community that offers a number of unique adult entertainment options. Many of the choices include free dancing, performances by strippers, fetish dancers and karaoke. If you need to pick up a few sluts to spice things up a bit, this is definitely the place for you to go.

The last site we’ll discuss for our Detroit hookup leads is the popular Michigan martini bar which has a great location at the Riverfront Times Square. With over 60 varieties on hand, you’re sure to find something you like. Just make sure you get the drinks you want (although the margarita bars are great as well).

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