As you likely know, there are countless escort services all over the Internet. Luckily or not, it’s one of the most popular commodities at all. You know what they say about the first profession in history. Among these numerous escort services, there is a big category of listing services with a few top websites.

Company of Woman Friends
Company Of Friends

Adultlook is one of these listing services, and it is counted amongst the major providers. Even though other websites may outnumber this one massively in terms of regular visitors, Adultlook is by no means worse. In fact, it does its job better than most other website with the similar purpose.

But let’s see what the average experience on this website would be and what it would revolve around.

What is Adultlook, really?

Escort services were initially (or soon after) extended on the listing services, aka the ‘classified ads portals’. There, people would usually list cars for sale, job applications and other stuff that can be shown to a wide public in the specific city where the author lives.

Craigslist started exactly like this, and the ‘adult services’ section on this website very quickly became amongst the most popular part of the website – before it was removed entirely, of course. When people advertise their services as escort providers, they also pick a city where they operate, which is very convenient.

Escort Workers Listing
Cute Sexy Women

Rather than invent something else, many adult services simply adopted this system entirely or took it and upgrade it a bit. Adultlook took the second path, although most of the website still follows the old principles:

  1. Search through cities;
  2. User interaction through ads;
  3. Extensive sorting directories

Judging by that, let’s see what the website has to offer precisely, step-by-step.

Front page

When you enter the website, the first thing you see is a number of randomly selected ads from your immediate area. Your location is effortlessly clear to the website, naturally, which enables them to show potential service providers to you.

Right from the start, you can pick another location or another sort of providers even. It’s all readily available from the same front page.

Search system

The search system is very user-friendly and basic, like on most similar websites. Although it would significantly increase the depth of search it there were more parameters, Adultlook elected to only give you several location options, as well as a few service options.

Just to be clear, when you set out to look for people on this website, what you’re looking for are ads placed by the people who registered an account on the website and placed an ad that promotes their services in a particular city of their choice.

AdultLook Search System
Search System

According to what people put inside their ads, you’ll be given an array of people in the end of your search sequence, which goes like this:

Country -> City -> Female/Transgender

Just click on one of the countries featured on the front page, and the sequence will take the lead from there.

Usually, you can just click on the blue button situated just on the top of the list of countries available for the search. This will take you to the list of ads from the nearest city to you. Although, if somehow it doesn’t show your correct location or if you’re using a VPN you can definitely conduct your own search.


The countries and cities listed on the website aren’t chosen at random. A lot of these locations are there because there were or are currently escort providers ready for a job. There are 80+ countries, and some of them are actually surprising.

For instance, it’s not common to see people visit a website such as this, located in the wider Internet and with this sort of purpose from China. However, if you proceed to pick this country and then one of the cities with active ads, you’ll find quite a few people.

Adult Look New Date Location
Looking For New Location

Admittedly, there are fewer people than what titans such as MegaPersonals and others have to offer, where overall visitors count by millions and not tens of thousands like here. It doesn’t worsen the experience or the results by much.

It just means that you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the new ads to appear in your location if there aren’t any that you particularly like.

However, what makes up for this relative lack of people is the abundance of locations. As you now know, there are many dozens of countries represented on the website. However, there are also several dozen cities available in each nation. Now, granted, not all of them are active.

However, the places with active ads are put in the top of the list and are given a number. If there are 30 active ads placed for the specific location, and if they are still active there right now, it’ll show you this number right next to the name of the city you’re looking at. Many more cities may not be active at the moment, but they can activate later.

Certainly, if you know other websites that feature the city where you live, you can jump between the two websites to see whether there are new offers or not – nobody really compels you to just stay put on Adultlook and wait until at least someone pops up.

Account creation

Although you don’t have to create an account with Adultlook to look at the ads, and, in fact, contact them, it’s beneficial to have one. 

AdultLook Account Creation Procces
Account Creation Procces
  1. For providers, having an account means an ability to post ads. We’ll get to that in a couple of moments.
  2. For clients, it means an ability to leave reviews. And reviews are a big part of this website, because you can sort people by how favorably appraised they are by the users. You just need to click ‘find reviews’ and type your city in the open field. This will give you a list of providers with their rating right away


Reviews are immediately seen when you enter the person’s ad, and they stick with them even if they delete that ad and create a new post. That’s where working with Adultlook becomes beneficial both for clients and providers.

If you’re a client, you’ll obviously be able to see whether a provider is up to the task, and how proficient they are, exactly. You can sort by how well-received they are, and make a decision whether they are worth contacting or not. It’s also a good way of detecting scammers, naturally.

Adult Look Review On TrustPilot
Trust Pilot Review Site

If you’re a provider, it means you get to improve your standing on the platform by receiving positive reviews from people you provided good service to. It’s just a matter of meeting proper people, because they may tell you that you did great and then leave an abysmal review afterwards.

AdultLook On Yelp
Yelp Review Site

Fortunately, only been who signed up can leave reviews. So, it’s improbable for a contact you (contact data being in open access to everyone), be mean to you and then leave the review without ever contacting you. They’ll have to create an account first.

SiteJabber About AdultLook
SiteJabber Popular Reviewer

And even there is a false review you can ask the staff to remove it. If it’s indeed a random negative review left there for no reason, they will do so.


When you see a person’s ad in the feed and there is a star rating, what you see is an overall rating. It is a median amount taken from two types of reviews left on your ad. These are:

  1. Performance reviews
  2. Looks reviews

The rating can be anything from 0 to 5, and, actually, another good incentive to sign up here is the ability to see reviews. Unless you’ve created an account and authorized, you can’t see what reviews people left, so there’s no way to judge a provider based on other users’ opinions. 91.617 reviews4.8 starExcellent
trustpilot.com8.834 reviews4.5 starGreat
mouthshut.com7.820 reviews4.0 starAverage
resellerratings.com25.700 reviews3.8 starAverage
yelp.com6 reviews5.0 starExcellent
Adultlook Reviews On Different Review Sites

You can still view everything else on the ad, and that’s the reason why you, as a provider, need to create proper ads with all sorts of necessary information readily available in a neat and comprehensive manner.

Ad management

As any user with an account, you’ll be able to post an ad that will promote your services, and you’ll also be able to specify many details in it.

In many aspects, it’s like your profile. Compared to the usual profile pages on, say, Facebook, Adultlook allows you to keep important info, such as photos and your reviews, but you can really edit the ad template you saved at any time, include new data or exclude something you don’t like anymore.

Ad Management On AdultLook
Neccesary Ad Management

The main data you’ll have to specify is obviously:

  1. Where you live down to a city;
  2. What type of provider you are (female or trans)

This is a core, you can’t do without it. But past that point, there are many more details. The most important of them are: your name, your age, a photo (you can actually post up to 4 for the specific ad and description.


Unlike other websites, Adultlook doesn’t really show your post as just a text massif with a headline and a bit of description you left. Instead, it shows your primary photo in good resolution, your name and your age. That’s a much better way you present a provider.

The description is obviously very important – that’s where you get to list specific info about you that can’t fit any of the categories but is nonetheless crucial. Anything goes here – from your preferences to your working hours to even fetishes.

Woman Parametres For Hookup
Ideal Woman’s Parametres

The contact phone is one of the essential aspects. You can’t post an ad without your contact phone – that’s one of the few means people can contact you. There’s no messaging on this platform. As you know, anyone who enters the page (even people who aren’t authorized) can call you. 

So, you may want to get yourself a work phone

Additional details

This following info is optional, although you can still consider adding it, because it clears up a lot. For instance, you can mention if you do incalls or outcalls, as well as what payment you take for your services. 

There are also personal parameters, such as your height, race, hair color, and the languages you speak. You can’t sort by any of these parameters in a search system, but you can very much learn more about the provider and see if they fit your preferences.

Additional Detainl On AdultLook
Details On Adult Look Blog

From a user’s perspective, your page has several more settings. Most prominently, a client can add you to the favorites. The list of favorites can be accessed at any time by clicking on the drawer menu, alongside several other options.

Generally, you can create as many ads as possible, but not more than one for a specific city. You can even duplicate the same ad for various locations if you operate in all of them. All of the ads you created can be seen by any user if they scroll further down on any of your ads.


Generally, one of the strongest aspects of this websites is its navigational value. Although a good portion of its design is still occupied by the text elements, links and other things that require typing, it is a step forward from the designs such as Bedpage and Craigslist that barely offer anything more than text.

On Adultlook, you get to find people you’re looking for very easily and even sort by their rating, which isn’t something you can do on most similar platforms. And, in the end, you can even save some of them as your favorites, which simplifies the search tenfold. 

Adult Look Navigation
Browsing Adult Look Site

They aren’t even strictly supposed to be people you’ve already meet – you can simply use this feature as bookmarks to simplify your job later. 

This site, in general, provides outstanding searching capabilities, even though you don’t necessarily have a lot of parameters to pick from. You don’t strictly need that many settings because this website isn’t as massive. It is popular, but you won’t see millions of visitors every single day.